Koh Bulon

Koh Bulon is an island in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago in the Andaman Sea, in Thailand, and has many resorts and attractions.

The Andaman Sea is one of the clean blue deep seas that inhabit several islands that are major tourist attractions. Most of the islands in the Andaman Sea are uninhabited. But the islands in this region also hosts exquisite and rich flora and fauna in its domain. It proudly boasts of one of the oldest ecosystems in the world.

Koh Bulon lies twenty kilometers south from the from the mainland coast of the Satun. It lies down south and borders Malaysia. To reach Koh Bulon one has to travel to Pakbara, which is a small town near Satun. There after one can take ferry to Koh Bulon Lae. This island is proud of its fantastic and clean beaches on its east coast. The northern part of the island does not have any beaches but only some gypsy inhabitants and the rocky bays. These rocky bays on the north of the island are Panka Yai Bay and Panka Noi Bay. The south of the island boasts of the beautiful Mango Bay. The beaches are lined with beautiful casurina trees and have white sand. Snorkeling is one of the most opted sports on these beaches.

This bay is not far from the forestland. The short walking distance from the forest to the Mango Bay is laden with rubber trees that yield latex and act as one of the source of living for the local people. The island does not have and roads, streets or highways but mostly it has small trails and any place can be reached within half an hour. The island also has some fabulous rock formations, which look like caricatures from the wonderland.

Koh Bulon is the one of the fishing villages that is inhabited by about 100 Chao – Lae people who are more popularly known as the “Sea People”. These people mainly fish of squids. Since there are no highways if main roads on the island there are no heavy motor vehicles or sounds of cars and honking horns. This gives the natural fauna is make its presence felt. One can easily hear the hornbills, the cuckoos, chirping of birds or crickets amongst the lush green flora of the island.

The lavish beaches on the east coast have given rise to lovely resorts and restaurants. Thus the island has ravishing nightlife. Thus after the wonderful sightseeing of the daytime the nightlife also welcome equally warm-heatedly. One can hear lapping of waves and feel cool breeze. It is good to carry a torch though as the island has thick dark jungles. Some of the restaurants are also situated amongst the dark forests to give the feel of the jungle life. One can get Thai and Asian food in these restaurants. Getting extremely chilled drinks is another shortcomings on the island. But locals try their best to serve chilled drinks.

The forests on these islands in the Andaman Sea are dense and one of the oldest in the world that have one of the most varied vegetation in its territory. Koh Bulon Island is one of the most opted for tourist islands amongst all the Thai islands in the Andaman Sea. It is an island in the Adang- Rawi Archipelago in Andaman Islands. It is one of the wonderful islands in the Andaman that hosts hoard of deep and dark secrets of the older vegetation, cultures, and civilizations. It is one of those pieces of land, which have drifted away from the mainland carrying with themselves hundreds of ancient stories, untold secrets, beautiful memories and happy smiles and unrolled tears from the mainland.